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A Deal for Zeylum

Ashe is in trouble with a capital T.

As merchandise heading to an intergalactic auction, Ashe’s future looks grim. So when a too-sexy-for-his-own-good alien outlaw solicits her help to break them out of lockup, she jumps on the chance. Ashe only needs to survive long enough with the known criminal to get her end of the bargain: freedom. She trusts the clawed and fanged Tallean warrior to keep her safe, but who will keep her safe from him?

A Tallean mercenary claims what he wants, and he wants her!

As captain of an infamous mercenary vessel, Zeylum carefully crafts his dastardly reputation with crass words and a brutish exterior. But the little human triggers his need to own and protect, and Zey finds himself bonded to the one female he promised to let free.

Will Ashe look past his rough facade and fall for the male beneath? Because now that he’s had a taste of his mate, he will never let her go!

Feisty heroine, growly alpha male, and lots of action ahead. HEA guaranteed!


A Chance for Arus

Playing with fire.

Recently rescued from a Dominion slave ship, the last thing Mia needs is to be bogged down by a relationship. But she can’t get the sexy mercenary and the things he did to her body out of her head. The guy is built like a god, and even better with his mouth.

Mia knows it’s dangerous to keep seeing him. Triggering his mating bond means he’d steal her away and keep her locked up on his ship.

Arus isn’t the type to settle down, but little human Mia has gotten under his skin and triggered the start of a mating bond. The smart thing to do is to stop seeing her and halt the bond in its tracks. But as one night turns into two, he realizes that it’s too late. He wants to keep her forever!

But all is not well on Reka 5. Someone is sabotaging the perimeter fence and putting the colony in danger. When human females start disappearing, will Arus be able to keep Mia safe? And will Mia choose freedom over the male who loves her more than life itself?


Can be read as a stand-alone or as part of a series. Sweet and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed!


A Promise for Vore

She hated him the moment they met.

Burned by love, Lettie is finally ready to date again after a long, self-imposed hiatus from men. But Vore is everything Lettie abhors. The arrogant prick with his big—um, ah—ego is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man and totally not her type. And her body totally doesn’t tingle every time he flashes her his fangs. Nope!

“Love them and leave them.”

That’s what Vore has always said. Why play with feelings when the females he meets only think of mercenaries as one-night stands? Vore lives for the chase, so when the tiniest human female he had ever met tells him off and claims he’s not her type, Vore takes it as a challenge to get her in his bed. And Vore always gets what he wants!

With only a few days before his ship leaves the colony for the next mission, will Vore be able to win Lettie’s heart and teach her to love again? Or will he steal her away and claim her as his mate?

Can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. Growly mercenary and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed.


A Claim for Calix

He’ll do anything to find his mate!

Calix has been looking for his mate for years. There’s someone fated just for him, and no one else will do. But one look at Emma has Cal overwhelmed with protectiveness. He knows Emma is not the one, but that doesn’t stop him from stealing her and claiming her as his own.

Emma stinks.

Stinking is ideal for avoiding attention. But when it comes to the hot-as-sin alien mercenary who just rescued her from slavery, that’s the last thing she wants. Emma wants her muscle-bound hero, lock, stock, and barrel. Instead, he dumps her in the spare room to “keep her safe.” What a bummer!

But the more time they spend with each other, the more they realize they are perfect together. Will Calix give up his hunt for a mate to claim the female he loves? Or will Emma leave him in a misguided attempt to help him find his one true mate?

Can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. Growly mercenary and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed.


A Minx for Ryek & Holden

They will never take what is OURS!

Little human Angie escaped the Dominion three years ago. Now they’re here to take her back. But the Dominion will never succeed. Because she’s OURS! We know Angie is our mate. It’s not a matter of if the mating bond will form, it’s a matter of when. She thinks she can avoid us. But there’s nowhere for her to run, nowhere for her to hide.

Together, we are stronger. And we will stop at nothing to protect our colony, our home, and our mate.

The Dominion is breathing down our necks…

… and all I can focus on is the fiercely protective alien warrior charged with defending our colony. I’ve lusted after Ryek for years, and now he tells me I’m his. One huge problem: he is my ex’s best friend. The worst part? Holden and I are still friends with benefits, and I still secretly love him.

When Ryek and Holden reveal they both want to share me, I’m floored. Suddenly, I have not one, but two, growly and possessive aliens demanding my attention. And they tell me they won’t stop until I am theirs.

Each book in this series is a complete story and can be read as a standalone. But for maximum enjoyment, they are best read as part of a series. Super steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed!


A Captive for Kean


I’ve made a huge mistake!

When the handsome and charming alien offers to steal me away from my abusive owner, I jump at the chance for a better life. But appearances are deceiving, and now I find myself owned by a cold-blooded killer.

Kean’s sinful growls and possessive words make me crave things I know I shouldn’t. But I can’t fall for the ruthless murderer who ends lives with a smile on his face. It’s wrong! I need to get away before it’s too late.


Sarah is mine!

I’ve done many horrible things in my life to get to where I am now. And I will do many more to protect what is mine. And Sarah is MINE! She’s terrified of me, but I know she wants me. I scent her arousal.

I didn’t expect her to run. But there’s nowhere for her to hide; I own all of Vosthea. And when I find her, I’m going to claim her as my mate!

This sci-fi alien romance is filled with violent and steamy scenes. Our hero is not your typical “good guy,” please do not read if hyper-protective and possessive criminals with drug empires upset you. HEA guaranteed!

This story is a complete romance and can be read as a standalone or as part of a series.


A Future for Zharor


The alien captain rescuing me from the Dominion breeding facility is nothing like the other Tallean males I’ve met. He’s wild, untamed, and hot as sin. The fierce warrior sets my body on fire. He stalks right up to me and tells me I’m his. And bonus—he knows my sister!

Eager to celebrate my newfound freedom, I jump on tall, dark, and dangerous for a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am the first chance I get. He is an alien and can’t knock me up. It’s a win-win all around. What could possibly go wrong?



She’s supposed to be just a rescue mission. But one look at Chrissy and the fiery challenge in her eyes, and I know she’s MINE. I can’t believe my luck when she jumps under my covers and stays there for the rest of the trip.

But my luck ends there. Chrissy refuses to see me once we return to Vosthea, and I’m devastated. I give her time, knowing she’s been through an ordeal. When I get news that she’s pregnant, all bets are off. She is mine, and so it that baby, and nothing can stop me from claiming them both.

This story is a complete romance and can be read as a standalone or as part of a series. HEA guaranteed!


A Redemption for Ulrek

Refuge in the Arms of a Monster
This job on board the New Horizon is supposed to be my fresh start, a fail proof plan to escape my poor excuse for a husband and his dangerous friends.

But my white horse quickly turns into a nightmare when I discover that my new boss is none other than Ulrek the Horrible, my sworn enemy.

There’s no way I’ll work for the ruthless captain responsible for stealing me from Earth. So contract be damned, I quit!

But there are dangers out there worse than a reformed Dominion captain, and with nowhere left to turn, I find myself back on his ship…and in his arms.

There’s no denying the treacherous passion that burns between us. And now, the very monster who once captured my body threatens to capture my heart.

This enemies-to-lovers alien romance features a morally gray hero who was the villain from a previous book. This book can be read as a standalone. As always, lots of action and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed!


A Prize for Ckzarr

What’s worse than falling in love with my sexy, musclebound alien boss? Falling in love with my alien boss when I know I’m not his mate.

That’s why I keep my emotional distance, even though we work side by side every day.

Ckzarr has the body of a god and is a beast in the bedroom. How do I know? Because we’ve already failed compatibility testing. Multiple times. I’m not his mate. End of story.

Too bad my body remembers his every touch, and when he tells me “Good job,” all I hear is “Good girl.”

But when we’re captured by pirates and forced to spend every moment together as we escape and stay one step ahead of those who seek his bounty, Ckzarr’s protectiveness and possessiveness are dialed up to the max. How will I ever make it out alive without losing my heart?

This story is a complete romance and can be read as a standalone or as part of a series. Sweet & steamy, and packed with action and adventure. HEA guaranteed!


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