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Stolen by the Hunter Available for Pre-Order

Stolen by the Hunter is finally available for pre-order on Amazon! They took forever to approve this one, and I'm glad the waiting is over. Pick up Meghan and Mal'k's story HERE!


The scary alien hunter has his eyes on me. He’s got sharp fangs, massive claws, huge horns, and walks around in nothing more than a loincloth! Totally terrifying! So why is my body betraying me and reacting in ways it shouldn’t?

With troublemakers inside the gates and deadly space bugs roaming outside, I soon realize Mal’k is the last person I should fear. Because in this crazy bugpocalypse, a hyper-protective Xarc’n warrior is the very thing I need.


I know she’s mine the moment I lay eyes on her. Too bad Meghan’s terrified of me. My human is frightened of everything and cries out in fear, even in her dreams. I long to chase away her demons and wake with her in my arms.

When she leaves the hunters’ compound to live with a group of humans, I follow along, offering to help them forage. She may whimper at the sight of me now, but I’ll never give up until she whimpers under me.

While this is a complete romance with an HEA, it is best read as part of a series.

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