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A Monster's Treasure

Unfairly convicted of a crime, I’m sent to serve the Kadrixan males for their rutting season.

The Kadrixans. Even their name inspires terror. Fiery-skinned and devil-like, they stand head and shoulders taller than any human man. Our colony made a terrible bargain with these monsters. The Kadrixans give us precious ore in exchange for the one thing they need.

Women. Like me.

When we meet our Kadrixan captors, I come face to face with a massive, brawny beast who claims I belong to him.
And not just for the rutting season. He wants me forever.

I never expected to claim a human mate, but one look at the curvy female and I know she’s mine.

Hunger claws at my mind and that of every other warrior in my regiment. All of us are on the brink of the rut which makes us more belligerent with each passing day. Without females, we’ll tear each other apart with rage.

We depend upon our bargain. Human females for Kadrixan ore.

The females arrive and there is one who stirs my primitive desire: Clara. She thinks I’m a monster; I see it in her eyes and scent it in her fear. She vows to return to her people after the rut is over, but I vow to claim my mate, to woo her and prove she’s mine.

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A Monster's Heart

A grumpy demon warrior who doesn't want a mate.
A secret spy mission to a mysterious outpost.
One pretend-mating to protect me from human-hating savages.
Only one freakin' bed.
A metric ton of pheromones.
Wings, claws, and a sneaky tail.
What can possibly go wrong?
Knowing my luck? Everything.

Monster’s Heart is a sci-fi alien romance with a growly hero, lots of action, and an HEA, guaranteed. This series has dystopian themes.

Lynnea Lee - A Monster's Love.jpg

A Monster's Love

When I charged the enemy to rescue a ravishing female who caught my eye, I didn’t expect the mate bond to drop me to my knees. Captured, I’m locked behind electrified bars in a genetic lab where a researcher throws the female into my cell and demands we reproduce.

I vow to do everything in my power to make my little mate happy, but I won’t claim her until I extricate us from this cruel prison. Once we’re free, she can have anything she wants from me so long as she doesn’t want me to let her go.

Once, I was a golden child. The perfect accessory for my parents’ social climbing. Then their prospects soured, and they sent me to Utopia. Betrayed by everyone, I gave up on life and love. Then I was thrown in a prison cell with a red-hot alien demon, the first being to ever truly protect me. I don’t understand his growls and snarls, but inside the curve of Trjun’s wings, I do know I am safe.

Teamwork and a bit of luck help us escape the secret lab, and with the sun on my face, I swear I’ll never live for anyone but myself again. But one look at Trjun and I want to throw caution to the wind. Do I dare stay safe in his arms forever?

A Monster’s Love is a sci-fi alien romance with a growly hero, lots of action, and an HEA, guaranteed. This series has dystopian themes.

Lynnea Lee - A Monster's Fate - book 4.jpg

A Monster's Fate

My prestigious new job as the assistant to a colony leader starts as an honor. Then I stumble across the colony’s dirty little secrets. Hell-bent on exposing the atrocities, I reach out to a rebel group to feed them information.

Too quickly, the jig is up. I manage one last message to my rebel contact, Zach, before I’m locked in the mad councilman’s basement.

When Trask arrives, he claims to be my contact. He’s huge and horned with wings that darken the sky. I know he’s lying because Zach is human, but when the monster steals me into the air, I hold on for dear life.

Kat has risked everything and played a critical role in keeping everyone in our stronghold safe. So when I receive her desperate message, I embark on a rescue mission. I refuse to leave anyone—Kadrixan or human—behind. Especially her.

I venture into the heart of enemy territory to find the little human. But when I finally have her in my arms and tell her I am Zach, my little Kat doesn’t believe me!

I am a patient warrior, though. Once we’re safe, I have forever to convince Kat she is mine. But first, I need to get us out of here.

A Monster’s Fate is a sci-fi alien romance with a growly hero, lots of action, and an HEA, guaranteed. This series has dystopian themes. Best enjoyed as part of a series.

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