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Reazus Prime is a hard planet. Once a prison, it was abandoned once the mines dried up and the Overlords could no longer turn a profit off the prisoners. Now it’s a haven for outlaws, pirates, and anyone holding a grudge against authority.

It’s isolated, alone, and the only ships coming are the worst sort. One such ship carrying a cargo of abducted human women, explodes in orbit. A lucky few were ejected in pods, only to crash on the outlaw planet.

Now the race is on to find and claim the human females.

Featuring These Great Science Fiction Romance Authors!

Lynnea Lee

Nancey Cummings

Elin Wyn

Eden Ember

Ava York

Leslie Chase

Lena Grey

Harper Rosling

Cady Austin

Celeste King

Sonia Nova

Alien's Stone Heart coversmall.jpg

Alien's Stone Heart


If you think getting abducted by little green men is bad, try waking up with your stasis pod smashed into the side of a cliff. That’s what happened to me.

To top it off, I get rescued by an alien gargoyle! He’s huge and hard as rock, with sharp teeth, horns, and a freakin’ tail. And now, we’re both on the run because of me.

Xadren can’t keep me, but he promises to bring me somewhere safe. My goal now is to survive the next few days without falling for my stone-faced protector. Easy, right?


I messed up. Now I’ve got assassins on my tail. My plan to hide on this outlaw planet gets waylaid when a slave ship crash lands on the planet and drops a stasis pod with a human female inside right next to my hiding spot.

Curious, I check out the merchandise. That’s mistake number two because now I have a human female to care for and both the slavers and the assassins after me.

I’m in no state to claim a mate, but the more time we spend together, the more I realize I can never let her go.