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Hunter's Quest


There's a Xarc’n warrior stalking my land. Rhaz’k claims I’m “his,” but I belong to no one, especially not to a bossy purple alien with massive horns, sharp fangs, and huge muscles. But when the deadly space bugs invading Earth start showing up around my home, the overprotective warrior tosses me over his shoulder and carries me to his shuttle. Who does he think he is?


Morgan calls me bossy, but her body scents of lust every time I’m near. I’ve been patient all season, giving her time to accept that she’s mine. She might scream at me now, but soon she’ll be screaming my name. Nothing will stop me from claiming my mate.

This post-apocalyptic alien romance is filled with action, adventure, and tons of steam. HEA guaranteed. Welcome to the bugpocalypse!


Hunter's Price

My mission is simple. One: retrieve the shuttle. Two: don’t get caught.

The tiny human female who answers my transmission is just a bonus. Every ounce of my being tells me to take her, touch her, and taste her. I earn her trust instead, and we talk for hours through our shuttles.

When hostile humans turn on May and her friends, she steals the shuttle for herself. Now she’s out there on a mountain full of deadly scourge with armed males at her heel. May is mine, and I must find and claim her before they do.

Xarc’n warriors walk around their shuttle in their birthday suits. Ask me how I know.

When the hulking alien warriors first came to Earth, I was terrified of them, but this purple protector makes me feel safe. Besides, after surviving through the bugpocalypse, I’ve learned the Xarc’n warriors are our allies, even if they do have sharp teeth and horns.

The people I live with aren’t so friendly though, and when I realize I’ve outstayed my welcome, I steal their shuttle and save my friends from certain doom. Now we have armed mercs searching for us, hordes of bugs eager to eat us, and a twice-stolen shuttle. What have I gotten myself into?

This post-apocalyptic alien romance is filled with action, adventure, and tons of steam. Can be read as a stand-alone or as a part of a series. HEA guaranteed.


Hunter's Promise

A good girl gone awol

I knew when I Ex-Laxed our leader’s food that they’d send me to the arena if they caught me. It was worth it to get some of my friends out of this dump. What I didn't expect was the seven-foot-tall Xarc’n hunter who has come to my rescue.

My horned and fanged savior isn’t like any other alien warrior I’ve heard about. He dresses in furs, lives in a cave, and there isn’t a shuttle in sight. Every word sounds like a growl, but my body reacts to him like we belong together.
But I can’t just hide in his den forever. I have to get back to my friends!

A hunter on the run

When I found out about Earth and the compatible females living here, I abandoned my mission to come to this blue-green planet. Hunted by my own kind, I did all I could to stay hidden.

Now I’ve found the female whose scent called to me all through the cold season. Gabby is mine, and I’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Her people are searching for her, and mine now know I exist, but I will level this entire mountain if they try to separate us.

This post-apocalyptic alien romance is filled with action, adventure, and tons of steam. Can be read as a stand-alone or as a part of a series. HEA guaranteed.I have a purple stalker.


Hunter's Wish

It’s not you. It’s me.

Fen’k is a total cinnamon roll of a Xarc’n hunter who makes me want what I’ll never have: to live happily ever after. He deserves someone who isn’t afraid to love him back.

After the last person I trusted stomped on my heart and stole all that I cared about , I stopped believing in love. I’m sure it still exists; just not for me.

But when the growly alien warrior offers to help me find my missing son, I throw caution to the wind, even though losing my heart would destroy me. I just hope I’m not making a horrible mistake.

I’ll believe for the both of us.

Sarah is all I’ve been able to think about since I first laid eyes on her. Even though she turns me down, I know she’s the one.

When she asks me what the catch is for finding her missing offspring, I pull the deal out of thin air. I’ll find her son, but she must come along, and if we form a mating bond, she’ll give us a chance.

I make it my mission to open her heart again. She doesn’t believe love lasts forever, but I know mate bonds do. Now all I have to do is wait for the bond to start.

This story is a complete romance with an HEA but is best read as part of a series.


Hunter's Trial

Of all the muscular purple warriors, I get stuck with the grumpy one.

Stuck in the cliffside lodge for months, I’m going stir-crazy while all the other women get to explore with their mates. Even Judy has her biker beau. I need to get out of here, so I ask Bre’k to take me foraging. I’m not surprised when, yet again, he says no.

At the clubhouse, after a freak storm cut the power to our lodge, one of the men offers to take me foraging. All of a sudden, Mr. Grumpy decides he wants to take me out after all!

What kind of I-don’t-want-you-but-he-can’t-have-you-either bullcrap is this? I don't think so, Grumpy. But, to stop a fistfight from breaking out in Gabby’s kitchen, I agree—for one trip. Too bad the mate bond has other ideas.

She’s the sunshine that brightens our ledge.

Yvette was terrified of all hunters when she first arrived on the ledge. Not wanting to scare her, I learned to limit myself to human noises. No growling, no snarling, and absolutely no purring.

Desperate to keep her safe, I offer to look for the items she needs instead of taking her out foraging. I didn’t expect another male to offer to take her instead!

After shutting him down, the goal is simple: get her items, then get her back in one piece. Too bad my purring chest, mouthy shuttle, and a badly-timed mate bond decide to complicate things.

This is a sweet and steamy alien romance complete with a troublemaking chicken, a sentient shuttle, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.


Hunter's Bounty

On the run in a brand-new world.

Luck has been on my side since the space bugs came and destroyed everything I knew. Now, my luck has run out. Cast out into a dangerous new world with a psycho on my tail, I have to adapt fast to survive.

To add to my problems, I’ve caught the eye of a purple monster, and everyone knows the alien warriors are bad news. But this one comes barreling in on a clearly man-made war machine, then claims he lives with the very people I’m trying to reach.

Should I believe him? Or is this all just a trick?

I’ve finally found her, and I’ll never let her go.
I’ve watched as each hunter in my group found his mate among our human allies, but I know my mate is not one of them. Eager to meet the female who will be the center of my universe, I set out in search of her.

When I finally find Sammie, she’s terrified of me. Unlike the females at the clubhouse, she still believes the lies that are spread about us. Desperate to prove that I live with the very humans she wishes to join, I return in one of the humans’ war machines, with gifts to woo her.

Can I convince her to come of her own free will? Or will dangers force me to steal her away?

This is a sweet and steamy alien romance with plenty of action and steam. Happily ever after, guaranteed.

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