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Claimed by the Hunter, sm.jpg

Claimed by the Hunter


My name is Alice, and I live in the Bugpocalypse.

I survived my first post-apocalyptic winter, and spring is here. That’s bad news! With warm weather comes the endless swarms of deadly bugs.

I need to forage for food, but there’s just one little problem. Okay, so “little” isn’t the best word to describe the fierce Xarc’n warrior who is obsessed with me. Kaj’k is freakin’ HUGE! And his sharp claws, pointy fangs, and massive horns are scary AF.

I reject his gift of food and flowers, but my massively muscled alien hunter doesn’t get the hint. He tosses me over his shoulders and carries me to his shuttle. I expect the worst, but all he does is purr at me.


I’ve spent my entire life fighting the swarm. Genetically engineered to hunt the scourge across the galaxy, Xarc’n hunters are the ultimate predators. It takes a lot to take one of us down. Then, I meet the little human female who brings me to my knees.

My Alice is full of fire, and I have no doubt she can survive on her own. But she’s my mate, and she’s mine to protect. When cannibals and scourge threaten my female, I toss her over my shoulder and carry her to my ship.

Now that I have my mate in my arms, I’m never letting her go!

WBTH FINAL small.jpg

Wanted by the Hunter


A knight in shining loincloth

That’s what I’m looking for. I’ve been lusting after the Xarc’n hunters since they landed on Earth, offering to help us fight the alien bugs. These seven feet tall, musclebound warriors are horned, clawed, and fanged—the ultimate protectors. And Rajiv’k is the perfect specimen.

Just one problem: I can’t fall in love. Nope! Not after the crappy relationships I’ve had. I refuse to deal with a broken heart during the bugpocalypse. No way! So I keep things transactional, his protection for my companionship. What can go wrong, right?



Hunters are supposed to revel in the physical act of fighting and killing the scourge. But not me. I kill them, they multiply, I kill them, they multiply. What’s the point? Why spend my life saving worlds I didn’t care about?

Then, she comes along. Little human Natalie fires up my need to claim and protect. And suddenly, I have a reason to fight. Natalie is MINE. She just doesn’t know it yet.

TBTH small.jpg

Taken by the Hunter


I have a purple stalker.

I don’t know what possessed me to hit the Xarc’n warrior with my bat, but now I have a stalker—a big purple stalker with fangs and horns. And to make things worse, I can’t go back to New Franklin.

After my first night out on my own, I wake up all wrapped up and cuddly with a certain possessive hunter. He purrs like a giant cat and vows to protect me. And to top it all off, he has a pet squirrel. A freakin’ pet squirrel!

The “Jerk” claims he can’t let go of me, but I don’t buy it. I’m no squirrel, and I don’t intend to be his pet. Not even when he claims I belong with him and promises to protect me forever.



Killing the scourge is my calling, and I revel in every violent encounter. Hunters are created with strong instincts to protect, but mine never fully manifested. I just wanted to fight. I never understood why some hunters wanted anything more. Until now.

I can’t get the little human out of my head. She attacks me with her wooden club, and I realize she’s all I ever wanted.

My brave female watches me as I fight the deadly scourge, so I give her a show of my strength and skills. I will convince her to be my mate. I have to. The mating bond has chosen, and it is never wrong!


Cherished by the Hunter


Prince Charming comes in purple!

I’ve been looking for my Prince Charming my entire life. When ravenous, human-eating bugs descend from the skies, I think my dream is doomed—until a musclebound Xarc’n hunter rescues me from certain death. Tarv’k is strong and brave, and the purring in his chest turns my knees to jelly.

Too bad he’s pretending not to be interested. I might be small and soft-spoken, but I’m also stubborn; I get what I want. He won’t know what hit him!


Evie is everything I ever wanted, but I don’t deserve her. She is the ray of sunshine that keeps our compound going. She deserves a younger hunter, one with fewer failures in his past. But despite my best intentions, I cannot let her go. If I cannot claim her, then I vow to be her ultimate protector.

When Evie’s past returns to haunt her, I am determined to keep her safe. No one messes with my female! We may not have a mating bond yet, but she is still MINE!

Evie and Tarv’k’s story is a complete romance with a HEA, but should be read as part of a series.


Rescued by the Hunter


My mate’s scent calls to me. I hunt it, each step taking me closer to the one thing I came to Earth to find.

These silly humans think they’ve captured me. What a joke. They’ve captured nothing! I’m here for my female, and nothing can stop me. I will find her, and I will claim her. She is mine!


When my mate runs right into me and begs for me to take her away, I can hardly believe my ears. Today must be my lucky day!



I need to get out of here.

With certain doom pounding at the door, I do the unthinkable, I beg the massively muscled mauve warrior towering over me to take me with him. To my surprise, the hunter gathers me into his arms, growls, “MINE!” and jumps out of a second-floor window!

I hope this isn't a horrible mistake!


Stolen by the Hunter


I know she’s mine the moment I lay eyes on her.

Meghan runs from me.. My human is frightened of everything and cries out in fear, even in her dreams. I long to chase away her demons and wake with her in my arms.

When she leaves the hunter’s compound to live with a group of humans, I follow her, offering to help them forage. She may whimper at the sight of me now, but soon, she will whimper under me. I will not rest until she is mine!


I’m a big fat scaredy-cat.

The scary alien hunter has his eyes on me. He’s got sharp fangs, massive claws, huge horns, and walks around in nothing more than a loincloth! Totally terrifying! So why is my body betraying me and reacting in ways it shouldn’t?

With troublemakers inside the gates and deadly space bugs roaming outside, I soon realize Mal’k is the last person I should fear. Because in this crazy bugpocalypse, a  hyper-protective Xarc’n warrior is the very thing I need.

While this is a complete romance with a HEA, it is best read as part of a series.

Captured by the Hunter .jpg

Captured by the Hunter


No one ever told me the bugpocalypse would be so lonely.

I was ready when the man-eating space bugs descended from the skies. I have everything I need in my fortress: food, water, and my dog, Waffles, but I'm bored out of my gourd and lonely AF. So when a Xarc’n warrior breaks into my home, I decide to “detain” my purple intruder.

Note to self: tranquilizer darts and zip ties do not hold big, burly hunters. At all. Now I have more muscley warrior than I know what to do with pressing me up against the counter and claiming I’m his.



Captured by a little hunter.

Checking up on a kid and his dog is not my idea of fun; I’d rather be out shooting down flyers or hunting for my mate. But Tilly is not a male or a child. Her enticing scent calls to me, and I follow it to her home.

When I approach, she shoots me with a tranquilizer. Imagine my surprise when I wake with my wrists tied and her straddling my body. If my mate wants to play, all she has to do is ask.


This story can be read as a stand-alone or as a part of a series. HEA guaranteed!


Protected by the Hunter


Siobhan’s scent calls to me to claim her, but I tell her the same lie I’ve told everyone else: I’m not interested in a mate. I focus on her delicious creations instead, even though she’s the one I truly crave.

I try to stay away, but I cannot. Everything draws me to her, and when I learn of her quest to find her sister, my mouth offers to help before my brain can stop it.

I’m a failed hunter not worthy of a mate, and every moment alone with the tempting female tests my control. She thinks of me as her protector, but if she knew the thoughts I have about her, she’d run the other way.



Everyone is happily settling down in our protected fortress in Franklin. But I can’t rest yet; I have to get to my sister. It was my last promise to her before communications went dark. Problem is, she lives across the country, and there are miles of bug-filled America between us.


When Zec’k, the sexy hunter who delivers and trades for supplies with our little colony, offers to help, I jump on the opportunity. It’s supposed to be an easy trip, but everything that could go wrong does. And now, I’m not sure I'll survive this mission without falling for my Xarc’n guide.

Lynnea Lee - Xarc'n warriors - Desired by the Hunter.jpg

Desired by the Hunter

I should never have slept with Haax’l.

The grumpy alien warrior claims he doesn’t want a mate, but now he’s glaring at me and acting super possessive. All while telling me he’s not interested.

Argh! Talk about mixed messages!

Well, he and his magnificently muscled butt, regal horns, and chiseled jaw can go take a hike, because I’m looking for a warrior who knows what he wants: me. And when I find him, I’m never letting go.

Now if only Haax’l will stop scaring everyone away.

When I first arrived on Earth, finding a compatible female was my priority.

But now, I’ll do anything to avoid a mate bond.

Females only make hunters weaker; I know this for a fact. Too bad my body had its own ideas.

I long to wrap my arms around Aanya and never let go, but that is exactly what I’m trying to avoid, so I warn her off with gruff words and a mean growl.

Even though I know deep down that Aanya is MINE, and I will never let her go!

This story takes place chronologically after Xarc’n Warriors Book 1-8 as well as Xarc’n Warriors: Mountain 1-6 but can be read as a stand-alone as long as you are familiar with the series. Lots of action and steam ahead, and as always, HEA guaranteed!

Lynnea Lee - Xarc'n warriors - Coveted by the Hunter.jpg

Coveted by the Hunter

When I offered to help the scary alien hunter rescue his friend, I had no idea the seven feet tall brute planned on abducting me. Now I’m stuck in a shuttle with my growly, purple captor, speeding away from everything I ever knew.

Nov’k is sinfully handsome, covered in muscles, and claims he wants to wake up every day with me in his arms. He makes me feel beautiful for once in my life. Too bad he’s also the bossiest warrior on this side of the galaxy.

He may be bigger and badder than I am, but if he thinks he can kidnap me and order me around, he’s in for a big surprise.

I always thought I’d find my mate among the Earth females at the new hunter’s base, but the one who catches my attention is already mated. To distract myself from the disappointment, I take on a mission to rescue an unknown hunter from a group of hostiles.

That’s when I meet Heather. She doesn’t just smell mine; she’s smart, brave, and willing to help me despite the obvious dangers. My plans change immediately because nothing can ever make me leave her behind.

And once she’s in my shuttle, I’m never letting her go.

Can be read as a standalone. Lots of action and steam ahead, and as always, HEA guaranteed! CW: brief references to body image and beauty standards.


Lynnea Lee - Xarc'n warriors book 11 - draft 2 copy CRVAED.jpg

Craved by the Hunter

When a legendary PIP model shows up in my shop, I jump on the chance to work on the sentient shuttle, until I meet Pip’s owner. The surly hunter hates humans and has earned himself the nickname Loose Cannon.

Worse yet, Pip is dead set that I’m Kan’n’s mate! I don’t care that the seven-foot-tall alien warrior has the galaxy’s sexiest jawline, and is covered in delicious purple muscles; he’s a jerk and totally not my type.

He does everything to stop me from working on his shuttle, including calling for backup from the mothership. But when things go haywire aboard the mothership, I find my life in Kan’n’s hands, and the rest of me in his arms.

don’t trust humans, especially not the female with the sunshine hair and intoxicating scent who has brainwashed my shuttle and makes me feel strange things. Which is why I’m leaving the moment I can.
Eager to get my shuttle fixed, I ask the mothership for help. But when Jask'l arrives, he not only praises Sam for her work but he also invites her up to the mothership with him! There’s no way I’m letting her brainwash him too, so I tag along to keep an eye on her.

When disaster strikes, I see a side of Sam I’ve never seen before. For once, she needs me to protect her. Now that I’ve seen how things can be between us, I’m not sure I want to ever let her go.

Lots of action and steam ahead, and as always, Happily Ever After guaranteed!


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