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Becoming Mrs. Claws

The weather outside is frightful…and so are his claws!

Christmas is coming to Reka 5—well, it’s the winter solstice, but we’re calling it Christmas–and my job is to bring back the perfect Christmas trees. No problem, right? Until I meet my partner in crime. Tradgek is everything I’m terrified of. He’s a massive beast of an alien warrior with sharp fangs and the biggest claws I’ve ever seen.

I freeze like one of those little goats the first time I meet him. How embarrassing! But my body reacts with more than just fear, and I’m left wondering if it’s true what they say about guys with big claws.

This is a novella-length sci-fi alien romance set in the Tallean Mercenaries universe. This story takes place chronologically after Tallean Mercenaries Book 5, but is a complete story and can be read as a standalone. HEA guaranteed.


Space Pirate's Treasure


Another auction; another stroke of good luck. A life hidden away in some rich merchant’s private collection is boring, but safe. I’ll take it. But when the door opens, it’s not the stuffy old merchant who comes to collect me but a thief—a thief with mesmerizing yellow-green eyes, sexy fangs, and muscles for days.

Kajar calls it “liberating,” but I call it stealing, plain and simple. He promises me everything I ever longed for: freedom, adventure, and someone to call my own. But how can I trust the words of a thief?


That black-haired human beauty on the stage? She’s mine. She just doesn’t know it yet. I can’t afford her, and I’ll never pay for a life anyway, so I do what I do best. I orchestrate a plan to “liberate” her from her gilded cage.

My Anna thinks she wants a boring life in a harem, but I know she belongs with me, exploring the galaxy. I can’t cover my mate head to toe in gems, but I can give her the Stars. But first, I must convince little Anna to be my treasure.

This is a standalone novella-length sci-fi alien romance set in the Tallean Mercenaries universe. HEA guaranteed

spacemerchantsjewel, small.jpg

Space Merchant's Jewel


The rows of Earth-made merchandise lure me into his booth, but it’s the hot-as-sin alien merchant I want to take home. With gorgeous green eyes and sexy fangs, Jakkan reminds me more of a massively muscled, swashbuckling pirate than a stuffy merchant.

I think I’ve found Mr. Right, but something doesn’t add up. The more time I spend with him, the more I realize he’s hiding a dangerous secret, one that might make him the enemy.



It’s not easy being a super spy. One mistake will cost me my life, and I need to keep my wits about me. Too bad the little human in the market booth next door has me completely distracted from my mission. Jillian triggers my instinct to claim and protect; she’s all I can think of. But she doesn’t know my secret.

Someone has followed me to Reka 5, eager to find proof of my crimes against the Dominion. Now I must claim my mate without blowing my cover. The future of the outer planets depends on it.

This stand-alone novella is set in the Tallean Mercenaries universe. HEA guaranteed!


Space Mercenary's Prize

When a tiny form crashes into me in the alley behind my old haunt, I don’t expect to find a half-dressed human female in my arms. Jenny brings out my instinct to guard and protect. Drunk and eager for a fight, I knock out her attacker and vow to take her home to Reka 5.

There’s only one problem: Jenny’s owner wants her back.

We wake the next morning with an enormous bounty on our heads. New Rhea is chock full of no-questions-asked mercenaries eager for the credits, but a promise is a promise, and I will get her to freedom.

Besides, Jenny is mine. And anyone who wants her will have to get through me first!

This is a novella-length stand-alone story set in the Tallean Mercenaries universe. Sweet and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed!


Space Fighter's Mate

Chloe always wanted to travel, so when she’s offered a job on board a luxury cruise vessel, she immediately accepts. The Star Beauty tours on beautiful, untamed planets, serves delicious meals, and offers amazing pay. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime until she finds herself running from space pirates on a lawless moon.

The only thing standing between her and certain doom is a growly alien mercenary who’s as wild and savage as the landscape. Kylus has claws, fangs, and a possessive streak a mile wide.

This isn’t quite the adventure Chloe signed up for. And even if she makes it out alive, her irresistible alien protector may steal her heart.

This stand-alone novella is set in the Tallean Mercenaries universe and was previously published as part of the Claimed Among the Stars anthology. HEA guaranteed!

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